“Many days I go out where there is a view of the ocean and just dance. I can’t dance well in any traditional sense, but perhaps that’s the point. Sometimes I even pretend like I am dancing with the ocean and the cadence of her waves. My favorite time for this is after a storm and my favorite music for it is lately 1970’s Marvin Gaye or 2022 LA band the Cannons.

There is a good 50 years between them, but each captures a sound that makes me feel like it is possible to help change the world into a new day of being. Maybe the world can’t be saved on a physical level, but I know that it can be on an energetic and soul level.I listen to their music and feel how different lyrics and notes move their own way through the ocean air. Sometimes I flash back to a memory of when it felt like such frequencies were coming out of the both of us no matter where we went. When it was just me and you and a perfect melody that it felt the darkness could never reach.When will that come back, when will that darkness that has come again go away I wonder.”