The Lincoln blvd. psychic continued Pt. 2:

You may not realize it but her songs changed the course of a many lives. Even subconsciously her music shifted what millions of people thought of love, transcendence and their purpose on this planet. A couple of those people she impacted were my parents. I am not even sure they would have met without her. In a way her music about you helped create me.

She had an aura that could spread across crowds of thousands and radiate directly into people's souls like the sun itself across the ocean. It was an aura that could bounce around rooms and cause two people like my parents to suddenly find perfect mirrors for their love.

And in the moments standing by stages all around the world , it became easy for you to believe that the world could be saved, not just by you two but by all of us.

Every night was a glimpse at all that was possible, at people finally finding what they had forever been looking for and then wanting the same for others.

But that glimpse was dangerous and the beginning of the end for you.

For the world has mostly lost its humanity and any ability to save its humanity long ago. And realizing that there were no miracles you all could work on the world no matter how many stages you all were on, or peoples lives your songs changed, crushed you like no other.