About Voyance & Nature:

To me voyance is the ability to tap into multiple periods and places in time to truly understand the experiences of people.  In turn we can not only find a deep expansive connection to the common threads of others, but find stronger ways to show  unconditional love to both others and ourselves. In my experience, nature and specific places help amplify this ability to beautifully see into others and other periods of time.

It should be noted, there is a heavy weight that comes with seeing the world in this way of timeless energy rather than linear time. Yet, if all of us humans had the ability to authentically understand and hold presence for each other   the world would be a radically different place. All of us has a story and at the end of the day is human just like us. We can communicate energy and ideas to each other in ways many of us have never comprehended.

Voyance is traveling into my parents apartment in the late 80's and being present before I was ever conceived to know their love was real.

Voyance is hiking to the top of the Santa Monica mountains and all of sudden seeing the future with the utmost clarity.

Voyance is walking by a group of homeless people and seeing all parts of their story and them knowing too that I truly saw all parts of them.

Voyance is tapping into a place and being able to feel all of the people who came there before also trying to find meaning, connection and love.