“There is an old tree atop Topanga with a bench under it and I call it the magic tree. If you sit under the tree and tell it your life and dreams while looking out at the pacific it’s as if it can make everything a magical reality.I imagine how many love you’s have been told beneath the tree…and how all the etched couples names are doing now. I think of the hippies from the nearby communes in the 60’s that must have done every type of plant medicine under it and the famous local musicians from around the same time that must have played the tree all their greatest hits while having impromptu dance parties.I think too of how the tree has definitely seen more hope then sorrow.

The people in these parts seem to believe that with the right embodiment and alignment almost anything is possible and the tree definitely agrees. During the few weeks in late march when the tree blooms magic purple flowers and the birds’ of the canyon’s springtime practically live in the tree it’s impossible not to believe that the best is truly yet to come.”